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ADR-4 effet sur le traitement des eaux usées

Sewage Treatment

ADR products were used for city sewage treatment. The first tests were done in small city sewage treatment plant and they show substantial positive change in sewage quality. The results presented are after 3 weeks of application of ADR products. They are compared to the average values of 6 tests done over last 3 years. The measured parameters were:

  •     Chemical oxygen demand (COD-Cr)
  •     Biological oxygen demand (BSK5)
  •     Unsolvable substances
  •     Ammonium nitrogen (N-NH4)

 The comparison results are given in Table 1 and Figure 1 below. Table 1 show measured values of test parameters and percent of decrease in their values after application of ADR products. Figure 1 show percentage of decrease of measured parameters. The substantial decrease in parameter values and therefore improvement in sewage quality, even in the short time of ADR application, is clearly visible.


Figure 1 Percent of decrease in contaminated substances

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