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Les Allergies, une préoccupation de notre civilisation moderne ?… Une approche politiquement incorrecte”

Allergy, a modern civilization concern ?

by J.-M. Danze,
M.A. Chemical Sciences, Scientific Consultant in Biophysics

Perhaps a way of research…

When I was Scientific Manager of an homeopathic laboratory, 30 years ago, I was suddenly quite surprised to discover how many persons were suffering from allergic problems. As early as I was professor’s research and teacher assistent at Pharmaceutical University Institute around 1967, the number of young students who was undergoing allergy can be estimated at 35 %. All these problems were concerning breathing ways and/or skin and often began with the season of the pollens (springtime). In winter everything returned to a dissapearing of the symptoms and and a bearable state.

The beginning of the explanation was brought to my mind in 1972, when a mother came to my office with her little daughter (5 years old) at the homeopathic laboratory. The little child had hands covered with a bloody eczema. This eczema had appeared suddenly on the day before. I thought that classical homeopathic drugs would not have any speedy effect on this case. I was searching for the so sudden cause of this problematic allergic phenomenon. Questionning the mother about an eventual pharmaceutical drug or a not usual food eated by the little girl or an eventual contact with a chemical gave me no concrete information.

Then, perhaps intuitively, I asked the following question: “Did your daughter eat or drink a food product coming from a different origin than usual?”. The mother replied: “Yes, this week I cannot get milk from the country farm and I bought dairy milk in a department store”. Without thinking farther on, I immediately asked to the mother to get some drops of this dairy milk and I let make an homeopathic dilution of it (200 K). I added a homeopathic formula to drain kidneys and liver functions . The little child took 10 drops of the milk dilution and 5 drops three times a day of the complex formula. The next morning her hands were no more bloody and the cicatrization was on a good way.

This was only a single case and scientifically nobody can give any conclusion based on one case. But, my opinion was that there could be in the dairy milk an antibiotic or some other chemical coming from the cows of from the cleanig products used in the milking pipes, which could be the cause of this skin allergic process.

A few weeks after, I met a friend’s sister who had a little daughter covered on the whole body with squamous eruptions. The mother said me that this situation was so from child birth. Many physicians and many university dermatology specialists had had no result despite of the numerous cortisone ointments spread on child’s body. I asked to the mother : “Did you take an antibiotic during pregnancy?”. The response came immediately: “Yes, an ampicillin prescribed for bronchitis”.

I sent to the mother an homeopathic dilution (200 K) of this ampicillin to give to the young girl (10 drops twice a week, during one month). The child had no more eruption after one week and is completely healed. His father said to me: “How did you think to this antibiotic even though any doctor thought to it?”

This second anecdote has been followed by many other positive results on the same way. And three years after, with a group of medical doctors, we made up our minds to set up an homeopathic school to teach and to experiment (without any side effect risk) this approach of allergic problems.

A very old principle of healing

Around 450 before Christus, a well known physician called Hippocrates (father of medicine), wrote : “Every substance able to provoke an disease which is not, is also able to heal this disease when it is!”. Unfortunately many Hippocrates books were burned in the two fires of Alexandria library and the clear use of this principle is lost for ever.

But the successful system given here with its comprehensive way of action can help a lot of persons.
I always thought that mankind has been surrounded with allergenic potential substances from its origine on earth, without any unpleasant occurrence (with some rare exception). We can ask for this to our grandparents. In past centuries, the houses were invaded with acarians of all types (the visit of a common hen house today will give you a lot of informations… and transitory itchings from acarians) and surrounded with plants spreading pollens. Our ancestors were sustaining these potential allergens with very few health problems. The real threat of allergy on a great part of mankind is relatively recent. And we can see that it is growing from year to year. European Community estimates that in 2010 there will be 70 to 80 % of people suffering from allergic problems in Europe.

An empirical theory put into practice

With groups of friends who are physicians working in whole Europe, we are now sure that allergic problems occur from chronic exposure to pesticids, to herbicids, to diverse chemicals like formaldehyd, methylsalicylate, paradichlorobenzol, dioxins and medications (even acetylsalicylic acid). Many toxicology experts say that when the contact with the implied chemical ceases, the allergic problem vanishes out. This is not right. The living cells are holding the allergic information during a very long time and it seems that they can transmit it to daughter cells. We could perhaps think that the allergic specific message could affect the genic transmission of this specific ability of contracting an allergy.

But, what we see now is the fact that an allergic patient is evoluting during his life and that his sensitivity increases progressively to a growing number of products. This is also probably the origin of a particular sensitivity to electromagnetic fields like 60 Hz power frequencies, mobilephones frequencies, video display units a.s.o. Then, when such a patient reaches a multiple allergy state, the need is to find the causal allergen. When you can find it with the patient’s history, the best way consists in giving the implied substance in homeopathic dilution 200 K.

The very difficult period of withdrawing

Like for drugs dependant persons when the causal allergen is dicovered, another problem arises: the withdrawing.
We know today that many drinking waters in our industrialized countries are contaminated with a lot of different chemicals which are so many potential allergens (heavy metals like nickel, chromium, lead, cadmium, quicksilver, pesticids with organochlorinated basis, herbicids which have a longer lifetime in soils than predicted by manufacturers, residues from industrial processes spread in the underground waters and in lakes used as drinking water reserves. Many persons think that these bulk waters are completely industrially purified before they reach the house tap. In fact, all soluble substances remain in water and cannot be taken out with common processes. Better, other toxic substances like alum are added to clear cloudy water and chlorine to kill micro-organisms (chlorine reacts with organic compounds present in water and forms highly toxic substances). During the use of the homeopathic dilution, the continuous uptake of these products blocks of course all elimination processes from the body (and more, sometimes blocks kidneys and liver functions).

The quality of the drinking water becomes then one important factor of allergy healing.

This was the second discovery. Everybody can buy a reverse osmosis water purification system, but what only some specialists know is the residue left in osmosed water by common membranes and systems. Twenty years ago, with a group of Swiss doctors we had no reproducible results in allergy healing and we tried to find high purity drinking waters. We found French Pyrenean waters (Montcalm), volcanic soils waters (Mont Roucous) and also a Belgian water (Spa-Reine) which are very pure. But these bottle waters were difficult to find in all European stores.

We also tested a lot of reverse osmosis devices, out of which we had still residues of pesticids, herbicids, heavy metals in “purified” water.

Then, a friend to whom I had explained our problems gave me an AQUATHIN KT unit to make tests. The analytical results of the purified water were over what we waited.

From this time the AQUATHIN system of reverse osmosis with charcoal and deionization cartridge became one of our main complements for allergen withdraw.

We are always surprised when people after treatment say : “The AQUATHIN contributed to heal me but it has now other benefit effects on me. It makes my kidneys function more effective!”.

We are now not alone to follow the same way of thinking

In 1985, we had contacts with Prof. Cyril Smith (Electrotechnics, University of Salford, Great Britain). Prof Smith associated with physicians R.Y.S. Choy and J. Monro conducted a lot of tests on patients who were sensitive to electromagnetic fields [1-2]. They found that these patients were highly allergic patients to pesticids, chemicals and drugs. They also found -and this is perhaps the most interesting fact- that there is for each patient a provoking specific electromagnetic frequency which triggers the allergic crisis, and another electromagnetic frequency which suppresses the symptoms. A unit at the Breakspear Hospital near London was created to treat allergic patients.

In USA, Prof.William Rea (Dallas, Texas University) came to the same conclusions with electromagnetic sensitivity [3-4].

Electromagnetic sensitivity seems to become a major problem of our civilization. On the website of California Department of Health Services (Oakland), a paper to be published in American Journal of Epidemiology assumes that in 1998, around 150,000 persons decided to change their job because of electromagnetic sensitivity to powerlines, to computers, to different electric appliances and to cellphones [5].

We don’t agree with the authors, when they assume that “characteristics of people reporting hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields were generally different from those reporting chemical sensitivity”. Indeed, the healing of a previous allergy to chemical heals in the same time the further added allergy to electromagnetic fields.

The Swedish searcher: Prof Olle Johansson and co-worker from Karolinska Institute (Stockholm) pointed out a different behaviour of skin mast cells when the electrosensitive person is under influence of electromagnetic fields [6]. This mast cells behaviour can also be observed with chemically sensitive persons. “This ascertainting discarts all pure psychological effects in electromagnetic sensitivity”, says O. Johansson, “except if we admit that electromagnetic fields can deeply disturb neuro-endocrine pathways in electrosensitive persons”.

The approach of healing allergic patients

As to me I always thought than an homeopathic drug is an accurate electromagnetic frequency sender which enhances cellular disabled functions. The action is only possible when a resonance between the specific homeopathic drug and the living tissue can take place.

Prof. Herbert Fröhlich (University of Liverpool), specialist of supraconductivity gave a structured explanation of the resonances processes in living systems [7]. This way of understanding implies very tiny levels of transmitted energy between cells or between outside electromagnetic informations and body cellular tissues.

So we can assume that this allergy understanding approach either based on chemical(s) sensitivity or electromagnetic fields frequencies can be a good way of research. But we must always have present in mind that in pollens and in acarians sensitivity (allergy) there is somewhere in patient’s history a contact with a chemical or with a drug which installed the sensitivity and which “printed” it in patient’s cells.

How to find the causal allergen?

The first and also the most important question to ask the patient is “Since when did you became allergic?”. Sometimes the patient answers: “In my young time, I was living near a large orchard and the farmer spread pesticids on the trees a lot of times per year”. And the difficulty remains because the type of pesticid is highly important to install the homeopathic treatment with exactly the same substance. Very often the patient does not remember in what circumstances the problem appeared.

Fortunately biophysics are giving us a fantastic help. A German physician called Dr. R. Voll and a Luxemburger engineer called A. Konnen 35 years ago, set up a device to measure acupuncture points conductivity. The measured values give informations about organic functions of the body and also about allergic state.

This method was perfected by the physician Dr. F. Morell and the engineer E. Rasche who set up the MORA System. This system is able to detect the causal allergen thanks to electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the allergens themselves. A series of potential allergens (pesticids, herbicids, wood treatment products, foods additives and dyes, drugs, heavy metals a.s.o.) disposed in sealed glass phials are measured with patient’s reactive electrical conductivity response. The accuracy of the Mora System is really an important way of specific diagnosis and physicians can so conduct a specific corresponding allergy treatment with scarce failures.

It should be too long here to explain the complete processing of detection (with wave decay) but we can say it takes around half an hour for more than 1,000 substances.

One of our friends had to treat a patient with sensitivity to 48 different allergens. This patient was allergic since 10 years. He had lost his job (baker). The diagnosis had been made by classical way (skin scarifications with different substances). Only one substance was the causal allergen detected with Mora System: the phenol present in a vaccine as stabilisator…taken 10 years ago. The healing needed 6 months with homeopathic 200 K dilution of phenol and with homeopathic formula to drain kidneys and liver functions (emunctories functions) .

Thanks to this method, we are now sure that allergy is not only a breathing way and/or skin disease, but it can also be focused on stomach, intestine or even on heart and circulatory functions. Some physicians were surprised to find so false diagnosis of Crohn disease on digestive allergic patients (who were completely healed).

What was noticed by Dr. C.W. Smith and Dr. W. Rea is the fact that when one treats the main chemical allergic process, the electromagnetic sensitivity is simultaneously released.

Let us also complete this information with the W. Rea’s books entitled “Chemical Sensitivity”[8].


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